COUNTRY PROFILE: Peru Remains a Great Bargain, but …

Posted: 2010/10/24 in Outsourcing
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The Macchu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Sit...

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… Watch for Gaps in English and IP Protection | Nearshore Americas | Latin America Outsourcing Analysis and Expert Commentary.

I visited Peru on occasion and it is a great country with friendly people, but with a very shaky and unreliable infrastructure. English skills are almost non existent and certain important business skills are lacking. I would be very hesitant to outsource critical business processes to Peru. It is true that the income level is extremely low but this also reflects in the education. The majority of the people living in Peru cannot afford a decent education.
As I said, I love Peru and its people and its a great country to visit and I encourage everybody to see Peru and enjoy its culture.

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