Oliver Schmid / 4954 IT Consulting, LLC


  • E-Mail is down frequently.
  • Internet connectivity is slow or only works infrequent.
  • LAN is slow or down.
  • Phone rings off the hook because people complain.
  • No consistency in IT Infrastructure, due to budgetary restrictions
  • No name computer equipment and servers,
  • Outdated computer technology, Infrastructure equipment that is not compatible with each other.
  • Running today’s applications on outdated hardware.
  • Unlicensed software or no control over which software is in place, leading too incompatibility between applications and user frustration, as well as opens the possibility for legal actions against the organization.
  • Missing or non-existing documentation, policies and procedures.
  • Infrequent backups, which never are tested for reliability.
  • No disaster recovery or business continuity plan in place and/or enforced.

These are only some of the issues a Small Business IT Shop may face today.

Data Center Managers today are sitting between two chairs. They are expected to do more and more with fewer resources. They are managing highly complex and a wildly heterogeneous IT Infrastructure, with less qualified staff and low budget expectations.

A 2008 “State of the Data Center” research, conducted by the Applied Research Association, concluded that reducing costs is the highest key objective of Data Center/IT Managers today, while providing higher service levels and improving and increasing responsiveness.

The study revealed that 38% of all data centers are understaffed.

Today 45% of organizations solve their dilemma by outsourcing some or all of their data center operations. Outsourcing seems to be the key alternative, since, in the end, it will be less expensive due to increased efficiencies. Which organization today can afford do not have access to their data for an extended period of time. Why would you want to invest into the personnel, the resources and the capital required to increase availability. It would be more beneficial for you to concentrate on your business and what your business is the specialist in.

Whether it is manufacturing or distribution of a product or providing a certain service … isn’t this the area you should concentrate on.  This is what you are good in. You would not expect your IT Service provider to manufacture your goods or provide your type of service.

I can assist and advise you on how to best increase your IT Infrastructure efficiencies, plan for disaster recovery, business continuity and business sustainability.

I research and recommend the best possible solution that makes the best sense to and your organization.

I will provide you with a cost/benefit analysis so you will be able to make the most educated choice.

My experience is in:

  • Consultation, research and advice on partial data center outsourcing for disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Complete Data Center outsourcing for disaster recovery , business continuity and business sustainability, as well as high infrastructure availability by suggesting Clustering Solutions, that support a variety of operating systems, physical and virtual servers, as well as a wide range of heterogeneous hardware configurations providing an effective strategy for maximizing resource utilization.
  • Reducing day-to-day data center and network infrastructure operating cost. Consultation and advice on various VoIP Technologies and it’s benefits for your business.
  • Consultation, research and advice on the best solution to run your EDI Application in order to reduce charge backs and fines and free up internal resources in the areas of Order Management and Finance.


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